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Big FOR SALE post

14 Jul


Hi everybody. So I made a big big cleanup in my JE things.. also some k-pop but not a lot. And I thought I would try to sell some to some of you guys, if someone’s interested.. or else I guess I have to throw it away! Haha.. No but seriously it doesn’t fit in my room anymore! I have too much things~.. heh..

Hej allihopa. Jag har rensat i min stora JE samling, och lite k-pop saker också inte mycket dock. Och jag tänkte att jag kan sälja lite grejer till er, om någon är intresserad vill säga. Annars får jag nog slänga iväg allt haha! Nej men seriöst.. jag får inte plats med allting i mitt rum längre. Jag har för mycket saker!

Magazines / Tidningar

prices can change if any poster is out/something is a bit broken or old.

priserna kan ändras om postrerna saknas eller något är lite sönder etc.


50 kr 

1) 3/2010 – KAT-TUN

2) 8/2010 – HSJ

3) 9/2010 – Yuma Nakayama


60 kr 

4) 2/2010 – Arashi

5) 11/2009 – Kanjani8

6) 7/2010 – Kanjani8

Wink Up

50 kr

7) 6/2010 – Kanjani8

8 ) 1/2010 – Kinki Kids


50 kr 

9) 7/2010 – KAT-TUN

10) 6/2010 – HSJ


10 kr.

not official ones.

11 – 16) Yamada Ryosuke  (12, 16)

17-21) Yamada Ryosuke (18, 19)


10-20 kr/st

22) Kis-my-ft2 ~ KAT-TUN

23) Arashi ~ Tegomass

24) Kanjani8 – Hey! Say! JUMP

25) Arashi ~ Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I Shadow (the most stupid name—-)

26) Hey! Say! JUMP ~ NYC

27) Yamada Ryosuke (don’t remember what’s behind right now lol)

28) Masaki Aiba


(from je shop/johnny’s shop)

Shop photos

25 kr/st

1b) Daiki Arioka (HSJ) – concert.

2b) Yamapi – Yamashita Tomohisa – Taiyou No Namida MV


50 kr/st

3b) Yamapi – Yamashita Tomohisa uchiwa. From Pacific tour – 2007~2008.

4b) Ueda Tatsuya uchiwa. Queen of Pirates – 2008.


10 kr/st

1a) Jin Akanishi

2a) Yamapi – Yamashita Tomohisa (that one is official actually..)

3a) Yang Yoseob and Daniel(I can’t really see if it’s him…??)

4a) NYC

5-7a) Kim Jonghyun

I also have a lot of random magazine cuttings and pages if someone wants to look at those, tell me!

Jag har också massa random tidnings utklipp, sidor om någon skulle vara intresserad av sådant ^__^..

If you want to buy something, or just have any question please comment below or send me a mail on my email ok ^^,, ( By contact to me I’ll talk more about payments and everything. Don’t hesitate to ask anything 🙂

And oh, if you buy more things I’ll give you discount ok, the fairy I am ^____^


Hidarime Tantei EYE

18 Jun

Guess who’s watching Hidarime Tantei EYE again?

haha aw yamada♥

Watch here, and here.

I miss you

1 Jun

Oh my god, I’m such a baby.. tears are flowing down my cheeks right now. I watched an old fanvideo about Yamada and I started to cry. What’s wrong with me~..

I really miss you Ryosuke♥

Ordering ~ / Happy bday Keito!

1 Apr

Ah, my happiest time in life is when I get to order things. Ma music man!

Haha, but really~

Just found some things from YA that I’m gonna order.. Don’t hate on me, it was a long time since I did! And I actually been a very good gal. Right?

Made an ugly collage for you guys.

Oh well.

Photobucket Jay Park – Nothin’ on you (EP)

Photobucket Big Bang – Big Bang Special Edition ( CD + Photobook)

Photobucket Jay Park – Fan meets tour cap (Type A)

Photobucket Jay Park – Fan meets tour eco bag

Photobucket Big Bang – B school set (Version Vivid)

Photobucket Jay Park – Fan meets tour clear file set (3pcs)

Sometimes I wonder why God is torturing me like this. WHAT TO CHOOSE!!!!!!!

Can’t buy everything, too damn expensive.

Help me guys ;;

To something else,

Today it’s Keito’s birthday! Yay~

keito day keito day keito daaaaay…

April first and all, but we still celebrate you big boy!

His 18 already, gosh.


and oh, I’m sorry I haven’t watch your new drama yet. I’m actually excited you got one in the end, but you know..

ehm..hope you’re doing well!