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Dirty dirty dirty dirty sucker, do it like a dude

28 Aug

click for bigger ok.

1) me yo. 2/3) black jeans leggings – vero moda. 4/5) cropped shirt – H&M divided 6) eye make-up remover – LINDEX. 7/8/9) Stone washed jeans – H&M divided 10) cotton pads – LINDEX. 11) some-kind of mittens – H&M. 

As you can see (:DDDD) I got myself out of the house and to a mall today. I got these pair of jeans (7,8,9) that I wanted for ages and now I finally could afford them. Yahoo~~..! And I got some other necessities, like the mittens. It starts to get cold here! Yes, fml and yes let me die. Why must the fall come so soon? T_____T I like the fall in some ways but everything gets so depressed Uwa ;;.. There is too many summer-crazy persons out in the world! As soon as school starts the fall comes to Sweden. FUN FUN. I don’t want to buy an autumn jacket.. even though they are a lot of pretty ones out there right now.. uhh wtf.

Oh right, about 3 days ago.. I talked to my friend Kazuya on Skype for the first time. It was so much fun to talk to him! And I totally forgot to tell everyone haha.. anyways he’s a really good guy♥! And today I talked to my boo, Yann♥.. She showed me this awesome dude. His name is Daichi Miura, jap, obviously. I like this song a lot,

He’s not like.. the typical DANCER, but I really, like really love his style. He dances in an awesome way♥. Me gusta. He has a good voice too, right! But he looks like Koki, bwahaha that’s so funny XD..! Ahaha I was like.. EHH.. WHAT, HOLD IT!!.. ahh.. it’s not Koki.

and here is hot wooyoung for the ones who’s interested!!!

I don’t think I have anything more random to tell you guys. Tomorrow is school again, it’ll be fun.. I think ;3

Goodnight and sleep tight♥


Big FOR SALE post

14 Jul


Hi everybody. So I made a big big cleanup in my JE things.. also some k-pop but not a lot. And I thought I would try to sell some to some of you guys, if someone’s interested.. or else I guess I have to throw it away! Haha.. No but seriously it doesn’t fit in my room anymore! I have too much things~.. heh..

Hej allihopa. Jag har rensat i min stora JE samling, och lite k-pop saker också inte mycket dock. Och jag tänkte att jag kan sälja lite grejer till er, om någon är intresserad vill säga. Annars får jag nog slänga iväg allt haha! Nej men seriöst.. jag får inte plats med allting i mitt rum längre. Jag har för mycket saker!

Magazines / Tidningar

prices can change if any poster is out/something is a bit broken or old.

priserna kan ändras om postrerna saknas eller något är lite sönder etc.


50 kr 

1) 3/2010 – KAT-TUN

2) 8/2010 – HSJ

3) 9/2010 – Yuma Nakayama


60 kr 

4) 2/2010 – Arashi

5) 11/2009 – Kanjani8

6) 7/2010 – Kanjani8

Wink Up

50 kr

7) 6/2010 – Kanjani8

8 ) 1/2010 – Kinki Kids


50 kr 

9) 7/2010 – KAT-TUN

10) 6/2010 – HSJ


10 kr.

not official ones.

11 – 16) Yamada Ryosuke  (12, 16)

17-21) Yamada Ryosuke (18, 19)


10-20 kr/st

22) Kis-my-ft2 ~ KAT-TUN

23) Arashi ~ Tegomass

24) Kanjani8 – Hey! Say! JUMP

25) Arashi ~ Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I Shadow (the most stupid name—-)

26) Hey! Say! JUMP ~ NYC

27) Yamada Ryosuke (don’t remember what’s behind right now lol)

28) Masaki Aiba


(from je shop/johnny’s shop)

Shop photos

25 kr/st

1b) Daiki Arioka (HSJ) – concert.

2b) Yamapi – Yamashita Tomohisa – Taiyou No Namida MV


50 kr/st

3b) Yamapi – Yamashita Tomohisa uchiwa. From Pacific tour – 2007~2008.

4b) Ueda Tatsuya uchiwa. Queen of Pirates – 2008.


10 kr/st

1a) Jin Akanishi

2a) Yamapi – Yamashita Tomohisa (that one is official actually..)

3a) Yang Yoseob and Daniel(I can’t really see if it’s him…??)

4a) NYC

5-7a) Kim Jonghyun

I also have a lot of random magazine cuttings and pages if someone wants to look at those, tell me!

Jag har också massa random tidnings utklipp, sidor om någon skulle vara intresserad av sådant ^__^..

If you want to buy something, or just have any question please comment below or send me a mail on my email ok ^^,, ( By contact to me I’ll talk more about payments and everything. Don’t hesitate to ask anything 🙂

And oh, if you buy more things I’ll give you discount ok, the fairy I am ^____^

Kimi wa doko ni ite? Dare to doko ni ite?

17 Jun

Stand by U – DBSK

I think this ranks somewhere high up on my list of favorite songs. It’s one of the most beautiful songs and video ever made. Just love it♥