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1 Jan


First day of  2012 today, haha if you didn’t know! I’m happy, a new year a new start right. Did everyone have a good new years eve yesterdaaay? Hope so ^^ At the moment I’m in my new “mjukisdress”, wth is the english word for that LOL.. I got it from my aunt on my birthday. Black and cosy, I can show it later ^__^ If you guys want I can take photos of the things I got on my birthday, and maybe xmas.. that would be fun right haha 😀 Anyways in my “mjukisdress” on my bed and listening to bummie. I loved his new song “Star”, but listening to “Girlfriend” atm.. be my girlfriend, my girlfriend, my girlfriend my guuuurl..
The Jay songs I listen to the most right now,

he starts his performance around 4:00.  This was from IS2 and he preformed a remix of some song (don’t even know LOL), but I really love it! Listen to this everyday haha.

Star, ofc. The MV is amazing, song is wonderful and Jay is just… awwiieiei my little bummie♥

Tomorrow I’m gonna meet up with my babe, we need our girl-talk you see haha! And on tuesday I’m gonna have a coffee with Cornelia sweetie, and this wednesday it’s sleep-over tiiime with råttorna :DD I don’t know why I told everyone that…. Like you care, right hahah! OKAY WHATEVER. It’s nice to see all my buddies, now when I’m on break ^^ But it’s like only a week left on le xmas-break buhuhuh **cries a river*.. ;(((.. I want looonger breaks. This xmas-break was like the shortest one I ever had, seriously. Tshhh.. school is mean. But it’s not too bad, cuz I’m just gonna be in school some weeks until I have my PWE at my mom’s saloon. Gonna be so much fun 😀 I get to work in the real life with real people and ohhh, haha just kidding ^_^

fireworks@tumblr, me yesterday, yang-leader being cool, star shit@tumblr, baby. 

I realized Hoya is really really like really awesome and cute and HAWT and all that.. (it’s now official hihi).
Meet my.. uhm.. third husband?
And with that, I’m off. Gonna make some tea and watch infinite sesame playaaaa!
Pöss och kram<3 too bad if you’re not swedish.

If you’re bored.. check out my new tumblr layout ^_^ HERE.


Baby you, holding my heart

29 Sep

very nice pictures from school.

Today I had two lessons, like yesterday. And I got home around 14:00, so nice♥ Now I’m babysitting my little brother and studying (..), and we’re gonna make some carbonara pretty soon! Just finished my home exam actually!! I thought I already finished it, this tuesday.. but then today in school Åsa showed me some “other” pages, further back in the papers we got. AM I BLIND. And of course I missed those, so had to do them now. Lucky I found out today because I have to hand it in tomorrow, that’s my sixth sense again!

Speaking of sixth sense, I’m in love with BEG’s new album and espsially Sixth sense. I WANT TO BUY IT. But I can’t, unfortunately.. I have to save money for London. Waaa want november to come faster♥

And when I’m talking about music and rainy London. I love this song.



27 Sep

time goes by so fast I almost didn’t check up on my boys the last month. that is so not okay amanda ;;..
I missed joon so much, I realized  today when I got on tumblr. Whenever I’m lonely I think of him.. maybe I’m not so lonely anymore?.. well that is not true T_T I still miss him. Can’t get over that last gif, and the fiiiiirst (it’s the best gif ever made oh my goodness). off to bed, bye♥


So freaking tired

30 Aug

I’m so tiiiiiiiiiired.

I’ll go to sleep..right after this. you think i’m crazy la? ehehe♥..
I had school today and it was really fun. I had my first styling lesson, wah~.. I’m getting so excited! Just want to start styling EVERYTHING in the room haha xD And there’s so nice girls in my class too! I like my class I guess hehe ^-^. And today I got my make-up brushes♥ no wooooords. I’M SO HAPPY! :D:D:DDDD Tomorrow we’re going to an exhibition, for royal vintage.. aha! And after school I’m gonna meet up with some friends. Hope it’ll be a good day ne! Have a great nights sleep now everyone. annyeong♥. 

Gorgeous man

29 Aug

my baby. I say this daily, but please joonie.. never change♥

Moves like jagger

23 Aug

Got home from school a few hours ago. It feels really good to get back on all the rutins again!
Don’t have much to write about my day, but I wanted to show you this message♥ I got on tumblr yesterday;

“I’m sorry if this is highly inappropriate darl. I vision you and Joon together all the time, usually without anything on the upper body. JUST HAD TO GET IT OUT.”
BWAHAHAHAHA SERIOUSLY. I couldn’t believe this person first XD!! Ahaha so freaking funny.. I’m honored!
But why are you anonymous awhh? ;;.. nice person eh? ♥

I’m going to cook some food to my bro. Have a nice evening~..


20 Aug

Hello my super marvelous little readers. Men in MBLAQ was held today. I seriously have no words of how happy and freaking excited I am right now!!!! Everything from Joon’s new hair to the pole dancing and Seung-ho’s fucking thighs. I’m down.

G.O’s twitter update;

20th August 2011, 21:45 KST
정말 감사합니다….. 감사합니다… 사랑해요 A+ 여러분!!!♥
[Trans] Thank you very much….. Thank you… I love you A+!!!♥

I don’t feel like spamming with pictures RIGHT NOW.. but here is some I’ve collected through these 3 and a half hours of tumblr scrolling.


I’M SO PROUD OF BEING AN A+ AND I’M SO PROUD OF MY BOYS. Their first concert ;;… done♥! I writing this in my wait for fancams. Nobody posted ANY yet, which is devastating. I. HAVE. TO. SEE. JOON. AND. HIS. POLE.

Hehe. Okay.. One last picture, I’ll be going.



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