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1 Jan


First day of  2012 today, haha if you didn’t know! I’m happy, a new year a new start right. Did everyone have a good new years eve yesterdaaay? Hope so ^^ At the moment I’m in my new “mjukisdress”, wth is the english word for that LOL.. I got it from my aunt on my birthday. Black and cosy, I can show it later ^__^ If you guys want I can take photos of the things I got on my birthday, and maybe xmas.. that would be fun right haha 😀 Anyways in my “mjukisdress” on my bed and listening to bummie. I loved his new song “Star”, but listening to “Girlfriend” atm.. be my girlfriend, my girlfriend, my girlfriend my guuuurl..
The Jay songs I listen to the most right now,

he starts his performance around 4:00.  This was from IS2 and he preformed a remix of some song (don’t even know LOL), but I really love it! Listen to this everyday haha.

Star, ofc. The MV is amazing, song is wonderful and Jay is just… awwiieiei my little bummie♥

Tomorrow I’m gonna meet up with my babe, we need our girl-talk you see haha! And on tuesday I’m gonna have a coffee with Cornelia sweetie, and this wednesday it’s sleep-over tiiime with råttorna :DD I don’t know why I told everyone that…. Like you care, right hahah! OKAY WHATEVER. It’s nice to see all my buddies, now when I’m on break ^^ But it’s like only a week left on le xmas-break buhuhuh **cries a river*.. ;(((.. I want looonger breaks. This xmas-break was like the shortest one I ever had, seriously. Tshhh.. school is mean. But it’s not too bad, cuz I’m just gonna be in school some weeks until I have my PWE at my mom’s saloon. Gonna be so much fun 😀 I get to work in the real life with real people and ohhh, haha just kidding ^_^

fireworks@tumblr, me yesterday, yang-leader being cool, star shit@tumblr, baby. 

I realized Hoya is really really like really awesome and cute and HAWT and all that.. (it’s now official hihi).
Meet my.. uhm.. third husband?
And with that, I’m off. Gonna make some tea and watch infinite sesame playaaaa!
Pöss och kram<3 too bad if you’re not swedish.

If you’re bored.. check out my new tumblr layout ^_^ HERE.


And I’m back again..

17 Dec

Hey angels. Who’s back, again ^_^ I’m glad I’m updating again tbh. It’s fun to blog really.. just forgot to be all fun and witty sometimes na (:

I don’t even now if you want to know what I do on my free time but whatever. Today I had a free day from school, yes thank the lord, that was wonderful. Didn’t sleep that long though cuz I wass going to meet up with my friend. I met Car and Felix and we went to my school because I had to fix some shit with my locker. Can’t talk about that cuz I’m too tired but it didn’t work out too well so we left school after like one minute. Haha LOL. After that me and Felix went to his place and Car went home. We had fun ^_^ watched lots of movies and ate good food♥ I came home about ten in the evening to babysit my little siblings. They can’t sleep in this big house by themselves you see, and my mum and dad were out on a date soo.. someone got to do it 😉 And that’s pretty much my day. Me and my sister watch some weird ass movie on 6:an, it was like… the weirdest shit I’ve seen in a while LOOOOL. Don’t even remember the name, sorry heh ;3
I’m so jealous of those people who already have xmas break, like whaaaat.. it’s so early T_T and I’m not gonna be free until NEXT freaking friday, or maybe thursday.. not even sure hah. When do you people go on break? 

Pictures from today and from tumblr.

And here’s a song that I like very much..

May your neighbours respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you. And heaven accept you.

I’m gonna sleep. Have a goodnight!

Take a shot for me

12 Nov

Yesterday. Oh yesterday.. Friday right, so that means school. And school means lessons. I had swedish, math and english lesson. No stylist on fridays, which makes it soo freaking hard to come to school. I know, lazy mother f<3. Oh well, it’s the only day I don’t have stylist lessons so shiet..
I saw a picture of Joon with the english flag in the background.. and I was like.. “HOLY MOTHER BEEEP BEEEPPEPEPEP BEEEEP..” I really thought he was in London. At that time.. And I freaking cursed myself for going home like a week earlier. “I’M SO STUPIIIID! WAE GOD WAAAAE!!” Then I saw the little lyrics on the picutre. – Happy princess fairy in Sydney.
Oh. Oh? Oh.. Sydney. SYDNEEEEYYYYY!!! :D:D:D::DDD I was so happy after I read that text, just tellin’ ya.
I slept at Caroline’s house yesterday too. After school, yeahahaha.. I went to her house and had fun<3 Love you darl. I really need these kind of nights sometimes, when you’re just home and taking it chill with your best buddy in le world.  We watched some weird zombie movie, that was suppose to be scary and FUNNY? like what the.. And then earlier today we saw a movie called “Födelsedagen” in swedish, so I guess “The birthday” or whatever? An old movie, but we both liked it haha. It was cute (: doooooong, I liked 😉
Today I haven’t done shit. Been tumblin’ the whole dayyy haha.. can’t stop that shiet<3 I think I’ve been on tumblr a couple of years now, but it’s more fun then ever atm haha 😀 Tomorrow it’s father’s day here, so we’re gonna celebrate papi and gonna go to my grandpa’s place and eat dinner and cake, I think 🙂 will be nice, I hope!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Don’t get too drunk, and follow me on tumblr.. aiiight?

me last thursday in school.  



It’s wednesday bitch

26 Oct

Herrow fellow readers.
Time to update again. Haha I know I suck at this, no need to comment.. ^_^
Sitting in school atm, having stylist lesson. Our teacher with home with a sick child so we’re all alone wehehe 😀 It’s fun, cuz we can do whatever.. but boring because we don’t get anything done. Haha. Right now Rebecca is doing my make-up, or she’s done.. and now she’s taking care of my little hair. She’s doing the famous “ribbon-hair”, that I actually really like . But it’s hard to wear that here in Sweden and not be called “Foki”, which I’ll kill people for if they call me that. Haha! You’ve been warned!!
Anyways. On BIGBANG updates I know it’s tough at the moment. BIGBANG and VIP’s are going through lots of shit right now, but we can’t really do anything about it. The only thing we can do is to be strong together. VIP AND BIGBANG FIGHTING♥ They’ll come back soon babies, don’t worry.
Other news.  I’m going to LONDON on wednesday! In one week I’m running reality, once again. Wa-ha-ha.. I’m SO excited for this.. seriously. Me and mom, 5 days, shopping, good food and just wonderfullness. Can’t be better.
Gonna stop writing here. Bye guys♥

Yet another monday

17 Oct

Herrow my sweet little donuts. How’s life? ♥

Today, I woke up, earlier then I usually do because I didn’t want to come late to school. I woke up 05:00, so awfully blaaahhh early.  Got my clothes on, did my hair and make-up, ate breakfast, made an extra sandwich to later so that I wouldn’t be too tired on my korean lesson, went to the bus station, took my bus.. But when I was sitting there in my chair, looking at my stylist teacher explaining how to make someone young look older with just makeup.. I realized how tired I was. And it’s not just usual tiredness from not sleeping, I’m really really tired. Of everything right now! I suddenly felt like crying, wanted to run out from the room and get my iPod sit in a corner and cry. Seriously, I didn’t feel good at all! I always think I can live my life without pauses just do everything everyone else does, and it’s all just gonna be fine. But it doesn’t really work like that.. Reality hit me, once again and I have to sit down with myself and just let everything be. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel!
I wish everyone, all my readers are feeling super good. And life is perfect! Because that’s how it should be, right.
Not to bore you anymore with my problems, just so you know I might not update much at all. Like my blog usually is, pretty empty. Sorry for that too.

This is song is so beautiful.

I miss SHINee when I listen to this♥.. Did you know I was a biiiig SHINee fan before, around RDD days hehe 🙂 It’s true haha.. Then it kinda faded when they released Hello and japanese Replay (that I hate!). But I will always love my Jjongiiie! Are you doing well oppa? ^_^

I’m gonna go, dance until I’ll bleed. Need to breath!! BYE BABES.

Alla dessa namn gör mig crazy

26 Sep

well hello people.
I decided not to go on my korean lesson today. I feel so tired and weird.. just need my little brother and some hot chocolate and i’ll be fine♥. School today besides that, just another monday. But it was a little different today because we got a new scheduale. THAT FREAKING SUCKS. I HATE IT!!!! T_____T And I hate my english teacher too, she’s a fucking bitch.
nooo, gonna go and take care of my sick brother!

hej till greta som har fått sitt stalk-offer snott ifrån henne. håll ut gulle♥!!
och hej till carro, hoppas historia lektionen var roligare efter att du chattade med mig! 😀

Sick monkey

22 Sep

hi babies♥
i’m sick and all fucked up at the moment. I DON’T WANNA BE A HELPLESS LITTLE MONKEY RIGHT NOW. Many reasons T_T.. Tomorrow I’m going to a little concert at Grönan with möller and sandra, we’re seeing Veronica Maggio. I really really really hope I can make it, and I’m almost sure I can. Just have to take it a bit slow.. (like that’s gonna happen.)! Some other reasons.. I missed school photo day today. I REALLY wanted to be in my first photo with my new class, but na. Of course not! They changed the date from tomorrow to today all of a sudden, so I would have made it if they didn’t change the dates. Fuckers!!!! Well well, have to take it like a man.. uh I’m a monkey. I think that was my reasons for being terribly mad at my sickness atm. Hehe. Today I have not been studying, like a gud gurl. I’ve been sleeping, watching Secret Garden and Jersey Shore on my mac.. watched “Home Alone” on my TV.. and ate ramen with eggs, ham and lettuce.. om nomnom♥. Also ate some chocolate. That was it, I think.. yeh. Soon I will cook dinner with my daddy. We’re gonna make taco-paj! Yay yay yay, love that~.. I remember when Haley and I won a chef’s competitions we had in home economics because we did that pie! 😀 Taco-paj means taco-pie.. basically, all you English readers. Awh.. I was so happy we won. I’m still happy, and proud about that. haley and amanda fighting~!
Now to something else.. IT’S FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE. Bu-hu-hu.. the fact that it’s getting soo cold is making me angry. But the fact, mihhi~.. that that means that (wtf many thats…) it’s going to be winter soon, makes me happy =D! I love the winter♥ Have to start count down to my birthday soon, hello! 😉 Well that’s a bit early. I don’t know what to wish for this years birthday. Maybe I won’t wish anything. That sounds good..

Wanted to put this vid into this posts before I leave! From some stylist lessons, hope you enjoy♥;

But now I’m getting so hungry, have to go make dinner~!
Bye peeps♥