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1 Jan


First day of  2012 today, haha if you didn’t know! I’m happy, a new year a new start right. Did everyone have a good new years eve yesterdaaay? Hope so ^^ At the moment I’m in my new “mjukisdress”, wth is the english word for that LOL.. I got it from my aunt on my birthday. Black and cosy, I can show it later ^__^ If you guys want I can take photos of the things I got on my birthday, and maybe xmas.. that would be fun right haha 😀 Anyways in my “mjukisdress” on my bed and listening to bummie. I loved his new song “Star”, but listening to “Girlfriend” atm.. be my girlfriend, my girlfriend, my girlfriend my guuuurl..
The Jay songs I listen to the most right now,

he starts his performance around 4:00.  This was from IS2 and he preformed a remix of some song (don’t even know LOL), but I really love it! Listen to this everyday haha.

Star, ofc. The MV is amazing, song is wonderful and Jay is just… awwiieiei my little bummie♄

Tomorrow I’m gonna meet up with my babe, we need our girl-talk you see haha! And on tuesday I’m gonna have a coffee with Cornelia sweetie, and this wednesday it’s sleep-over tiiime with rĂ„ttorna :DD I don’t know why I told everyone that…. Like you care, right hahah! OKAY WHATEVER. It’s nice to see all my buddies, now when I’m on break ^^ But it’s like only a week left on le xmas-break buhuhuh **cries a river*.. ;(((.. I want looonger breaks. This xmas-break was like the shortest one I ever had, seriously. Tshhh.. school is mean. But it’s not too bad, cuz I’m just gonna be in school some weeks until I have my PWE at my mom’s saloon. Gonna be so much fun 😀 I get to work in the real life with real people and ohhh, haha just kidding ^_^

fireworks@tumblr, me yesterday, yang-leader being cool, star shit@tumblr, baby. 

I realized Hoya is really really like really awesome and cute and HAWT and all that.. (it’s now official hihi).
Meet my.. uhm.. third husband?
And with that, I’m off. Gonna make some tea and watch infinite sesame playaaaa!
Pöss och kram<3 too bad if you’re not swedish.

If you’re bored.. check out my new tumblr layout ^_^ HERE.


I can see, that’s my baby

15 Dec


What happened to us? So close all the time la.. I’m sorry I know I’ve been a bitch. I’ll fix this.. I PROMISE!
HAHAHAA…. too bad my blog is partly dead all the time. Sup bitches? Missed me? I know ya’ll did.

Sooo.. In like, one week, exactly I’m going for xmas break. Oh thank the lord! This christmas, feels.. like it’s gonna be a damn good one. I loooove christmas really, mostly because of the snow, cuz snow you guys.. the best thing in this world♄ (except some pretty little people on the other side of earth.) And yeah, I knooow it’s no snow here atm. FUCK YOU WEATHER GODS. what the heck, we need snow here, that’s like abc to a good christmas. That poudry little stars falling from the heaven. SNOOOOOOOW. Oh well, i’m not gonna stay in Stockholm this xmas anyways soo.. bye ugly gray ground! I’m going to my grans place and there it’s snow, aaaalot of snow! For a couple of days.. like 22 to 27th.. Home before my birthday! Oh yeaaah! Turning 16 you guuuuys 🙂 AND I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED :D:D:D:D
If you didn’t know, my birthday is on the 30th december haha, yeah you can laugh. Last but not least ^___^
Lately I’ve haven’t been too busy. I guess, hahaha! Just chillin’, as always 🙂 We don’t have so much homework and shit in my school you see. But I do have three tests I have to do before I go on break, heh. But that’s my own fault ^^ la, take care of school you guys! It’s just unnecessary to screw things up.  Advice from Aibai!

Wanted to share this song with you guys. By the wonderful Tim, and it’s called Chillin Here In the Atmosphere (C.H.I.A).
I really really really love this song, haha! The video is sooo cute and the song is amazing. I can see that’s my baby♄

I’ll update more this comming weekend, and week okaay.. so look forward to that peeps ^___^

hugs n kisses♄

Äre lungt om jag kallar dig baby

25 Sep

Shayne you’re wonderful

12 Sep

shayne is back you guiiise hihi♄
love htat he’s making covers again, and this one is WONDERFUL as always. Shayne fighting~!

Big FOR SALE post

14 Jul


Hi everybody. So I made a big big cleanup in my JE things.. also some k-pop but not a lot. And I thought I would try to sell some to some of you guys, if someone’s interested.. or else I guess I have to throw it away! Haha.. No but seriously it doesn’t fit in my room anymore! I have too much things~.. heh..

Hej allihopa. Jag har rensat i min stora JE samling, och lite k-pop saker ocksÄ inte mycket dock. Och jag tÀnkte att jag kan sÀlja lite grejer till er, om nÄgon Àr intresserad vill sÀga. Annars fÄr jag nog slÀnga ivÀg allt haha! Nej men seriöst.. jag fÄr inte plats med allting i mitt rum lÀngre. Jag har för mycket saker!

Magazines / Tidningar

prices can change if any poster is out/something is a bit broken or old.

priserna kan Àndras om postrerna saknas eller nÄgot Àr lite sönder etc.


50 kr 

1) 3/2010 – KAT-TUN

2) 8/2010 – HSJ

3) 9/2010 – Yuma Nakayama


60 kr 

4) 2/2010 – Arashi

5) 11/2009 – Kanjani8

6) 7/2010 – Kanjani8

Wink Up

50 kr

7) 6/2010 – Kanjani8

8 ) 1/2010 – Kinki Kids


50 kr 

9) 7/2010 – KAT-TUN

10) 6/2010 – HSJ


10 kr.

not official ones.

11 – 16) Yamada Ryosuke  (12, 16)

17-21) Yamada Ryosuke (18, 19)


10-20 kr/st

22) Kis-my-ft2 ~ KAT-TUN

23) Arashi ~ Tegomass

24) Kanjani8 – Hey! Say! JUMP

25) Arashi ~ Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I Shadow (the most stupid name—-)

26) Hey! Say! JUMP ~ NYC

27) Yamada Ryosuke (don’t remember what’s behind right now lol)

28) Masaki Aiba


(from je shop/johnny’s shop)

Shop photos

25 kr/st

1b) Daiki Arioka (HSJ) – concert.

2b) Yamapi – Yamashita Tomohisa – Taiyou No Namida MV


50 kr/st

3b) Yamapi – Yamashita Tomohisa uchiwa. From Pacific tour – 2007~2008.

4b) Ueda Tatsuya uchiwa. Queen of Pirates – 2008.


10 kr/st

1a) Jin Akanishi

2a) Yamapi – Yamashita Tomohisa (that one is official actually..)

3a) Yang Yoseob and Daniel(I can’t really see if it’s him…??)

4a) NYC

5-7a) Kim Jonghyun

I also have a lot of random magazine cuttings and pages if someone wants to look at those, tell me!

Jag har ocksÄ massa random tidnings utklipp, sidor om nÄgon skulle vara intresserad av sÄdant ^__^..

If you want to buy something, or just have any question please comment below or send me a mail on my email ok ^^,, ( By contact to me I’ll talk more about payments and everything. Don’t hesitate to ask anything 🙂

And oh, if you buy more things I’ll give you discount ok, the fairy I am ^____^

Skinny love

5 Jul

A wonderful cover by Clara C. I love her voice~





so tired

21 Jun
Hello hello (shinee always.)

OKAY. I am so freaking tired right now, I don’t even ..

2PM released “Hands up” today. Omgash I loved it so much. One word.JUNHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been shopping today. Summer sales, but I didn’t find much. FML. yeh.. tomorrow I will go again. haha because i’m a shopping freak.

No not entirely true. I will go shopping because i need stuff to my vacation and YESSSS — > I have just booked a ticket to “Something borrowed” tomorrow at.. i don’t remember, one ticket only. to myself. I’m going to the movies by myself? Am I starting to loose all my friends? Seems so.. or wait.. am I just realizing that it’s summer and I’m the only one home, here in my room. Or am I just starting to enjoy the feeling of being all alone. Actually I think that last one is true. I’m officially crazy. Yeh, komapsumnida..

Right now: eating biscuits with creme cheese and drinking vanilla tea.

I love this man, right here↓ , so so much.

Chang-sun!!! Tell me something, why do you make every other guy in this world so meaningless to me?

so. damn. amazing.

okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I’m a proud fangirl, get the fuck out if you’re not! woho~~~

in like… 5 days, I’m going to Greece. That means… omg I can’t even write it UHUUUUUUUUUUUU

i’m not going to see joon for 2 weeks. 2 weeks. 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222


yeh, komapsumnida.