Take a shot for me

12 Nov

Yesterday. Oh yesterday.. Friday right, so that means school. And school means lessons. I had swedish, math and english lesson. No stylist on fridays, which makes it soo freaking hard to come to school. I know, lazy mother f<3. Oh well, it’s the only day I don’t have stylist lessons so shiet..
I saw a picture of Joon with the english flag in the background.. and I was like.. “HOLY MOTHER BEEEP BEEEPPEPEPEP BEEEEP..” I really thought he was in London. At that time.. And I freaking cursed myself for going home like a week earlier. “I’M SO STUPIIIID! WAE GOD WAAAAE!!” Then I saw the little lyrics on the picutre. – Happy princess fairy in Sydney.
Oh. Oh? Oh.. Sydney. SYDNEEEEYYYYY!!! :D:D:D::DDD I was so happy after I read that text, just tellin’ ya.
I slept at Caroline’s house yesterday too. After school, yeahahaha.. I went to her house and had fun<3 Love you darl. I really need these kind of nights sometimes, when you’re just home and taking it chill with your best buddy in le world.  We watched some weird zombie movie, that was suppose to be scary and FUNNY? like what the.. And then earlier today we saw a movie called “Födelsedagen” in swedish, so I guess “The birthday” or whatever? An old movie, but we both liked it haha. It was cute (: doooooong, I liked 😉
Today I haven’t done shit. Been tumblin’ the whole dayyy haha.. can’t stop that shiet<3 I think I’ve been on tumblr a couple of years now, but it’s more fun then ever atm haha 😀 Tomorrow it’s father’s day here, so we’re gonna celebrate papi and gonna go to my grandpa’s place and eat dinner and cake, I think 🙂 will be nice, I hope!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Don’t get too drunk, and follow me on tumblr.. aiiight?

me last thursday in school.  



30 Oct

Say ma name

29 Oct

Hi people! I’m now on BREAK from school, a school-free week of nothing nothing nothing. That’s kind of a lie, hehe, cuz I’m going to London biatches!! SO FREAKING EXCITED. I’ll bring my maccie, so maybe I’ll update here or on tumblr, or facebook. Did you see I’m been loving facebook lately, hahah kill me. It’s just the easiest way to put up pictures from le school. Plus some days ago I made a group to our class, so now we can chat share things and chat together yaay 😀 Aren’t I super duper clever.

Yesterday I was in school just an hour, our schedule is fucked up I know. After that I went home and slept for like and hour, power nap! Then later I went to Adrianooo and we watched some movies and ate pizza. It was nice♥. He’s such a cutie, you know!

Anyways.. what’s popping in the k-pop world? I saw this new group, MyName, right?
Or this is how it was.. Someone said, “Look at that new group, they’ve just debuted!!” and I was like, “Oh yeah, sure!”. Then I searched it up, and watched there live.. and I was like: “This is not a just debuted rookie group.” Like holy mother, they’re sooo good! New groups have been very bad lately, not very.. but not in my taste anyways! I liked Teen Top when they released their debuting single but then it faded a bit cuz I don’t have a bias in there (if you don’t count Chunji!! whehehehe..) Anyways. All this new groups, not super great.. And don’t hate me for this but, MyName is the best new-boygroup I’ve seen in a while. B1A4, Teen Top, Boyfriend, all have this “cute” image. That I guess you already know, I’m not too up for. Block B in other hands, I kinda like them. Their debut song, super! Next song (what’s the name? I don’t even-), hated it! So yeah. Haha. MYNAME is good shit. So I first watched the live right, and then I saw the MV on some blog. And I was like hoooly maccaroni… I LOVE THAT INTRO. The intro is so freaking good, addicvtive and whatever. YAAHAHLALALAL LA YAH LALALALALA YAYAYAYAYYAYAYA….who wouldn’t love that? x)
Then in chores it all faded into a somewhat ordinary k-pop song.. and I was like: “No.”. It was a bit drepessing. I thought I was going to here something super cool, but it’s okay.. It was a pretty good chores! But they say message so terrible I wanna die. Like who… who in the world told them to sing “Messagiiieeeeeeee..”. Hahah so cute. The MV was good. But I recognized too much stuff from other MV’s, like Stay MV room, Block B rooms and clothing.. but whatevaaaa♥. But then it comes to the chores again and… it doesn’t fit to be all manly, and dance like a really strong dance and sing “You got a messagiieee..”, in a super quirky and happy way. No nonononono.. I do love the other parts of the song, and the dance is awesome! I think this will be one of my new favorite groups, cuz there really is something with them. I read people say like, “This is like the new TVXQ..” and stuff. I and feel them! It’s something DBSK-ish about them, (maybe cuz the main singer kinda sound like Yunho..). My bias, I now sure if I have one yet. But the guy with red hair is cute ^_^ When he sang the rap part and was like “HOHO” (or hoe hoe, if you want.) I was like “AWWIIIIE.. pop that chest!!”. I like this group, for now.. we’ll see what’s gonna happen in lee future! MyName Fighting!

And this,

  • Rihanna: o na na whats my name
  • Myname: we’re a kpop group, thanks for askingI LOVE TUMBLR owmjaogkaåsösss.

It’s wednesday bitch

26 Oct

Herrow fellow readers.
Time to update again. Haha I know I suck at this, no need to comment.. ^_^
Sitting in school atm, having stylist lesson. Our teacher with home with a sick child so we’re all alone wehehe 😀 It’s fun, cuz we can do whatever.. but boring because we don’t get anything done. Haha. Right now Rebecca is doing my make-up, or she’s done.. and now she’s taking care of my little hair. She’s doing the famous “ribbon-hair”, that I actually really like . But it’s hard to wear that here in Sweden and not be called “Foki”, which I’ll kill people for if they call me that. Haha! You’ve been warned!!
Anyways. On BIGBANG updates I know it’s tough at the moment. BIGBANG and VIP’s are going through lots of shit right now, but we can’t really do anything about it. The only thing we can do is to be strong together. VIP AND BIGBANG FIGHTING♥ They’ll come back soon babies, don’t worry.
Other news.  I’m going to LONDON on wednesday! In one week I’m running reality, once again. Wa-ha-ha.. I’m SO excited for this.. seriously. Me and mom, 5 days, shopping, good food and just wonderfullness. Can’t be better.
Gonna stop writing here. Bye guys♥

Yet another monday

17 Oct

Herrow my sweet little donuts. How’s life? ♥

Today, I woke up, earlier then I usually do because I didn’t want to come late to school. I woke up 05:00, so awfully blaaahhh early.  Got my clothes on, did my hair and make-up, ate breakfast, made an extra sandwich to later so that I wouldn’t be too tired on my korean lesson, went to the bus station, took my bus.. But when I was sitting there in my chair, looking at my stylist teacher explaining how to make someone young look older with just makeup.. I realized how tired I was. And it’s not just usual tiredness from not sleeping, I’m really really tired. Of everything right now! I suddenly felt like crying, wanted to run out from the room and get my iPod sit in a corner and cry. Seriously, I didn’t feel good at all! I always think I can live my life without pauses just do everything everyone else does, and it’s all just gonna be fine. But it doesn’t really work like that.. Reality hit me, once again and I have to sit down with myself and just let everything be. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel!
I wish everyone, all my readers are feeling super good. And life is perfect! Because that’s how it should be, right.
Not to bore you anymore with my problems, just so you know I might not update much at all. Like my blog usually is, pretty empty. Sorry for that too.

This is song is so beautiful.

I miss SHINee when I listen to this♥.. Did you know I was a biiiig SHINee fan before, around RDD days hehe 🙂 It’s true haha.. Then it kinda faded when they released Hello and japanese Replay (that I hate!). But I will always love my Jjongiiie! Are you doing well oppa? ^_^

I’m gonna go, dance until I’ll bleed. Need to breath!! BYE BABES.

Guess what day it is..

14 Oct


iiiiik I’m so so happy! Has it really been 2 years already?  I CAN’T BELIVE IT.
I still remember so well when they had their first performance  with Y, I REMEMBER!!!! It’s like it was a week ago, why is time running by so fast ;;.. My boys, my five muffins.. I’m so proud of you. I was on tumblr just now and everyone is posting amazing edits and videos of MBLAQ and I felt like crying all of a sudden. I wish papa rain was here on this day, but he’s not. That makes me sad, even though I’m super super happy! I can honestly say that without MBLAQ I wouldn’t have made it through the last semester in junior high. They’re my heroes♥. Without their songs to cheer me up on the bus ride to school I wouldn’t have been there, without the image of them in my mind I wouldn’t have made it like I did. I’m forever thankful to MBLAQ. And espisally Joon. Lee Chang-sun,  my little marshmallow without you life would seriously not be worth much living for me. I love you booboo! 
I bought candy and fanta, and dad’s making super yummy food, been watching MBLAQ sesame player for the past hours, and watched all the mv’s and.. it’s perfect.

Best guys in the world.

Smoke weed everyday

12 Oct

Well, herrow! I hate freaking auto-correct on mac. FUCK YOU! I wrote herrow and auto-corrcet fucks with me and says her row. Like.. NO! NOOO! I’m mad (:
So. Lately.. No update, noooo.. and not busy at all, noooo. That’s just how it is! And you can’t say anything about it, can you? YEAH BUDDY!
I’m sorry readers. My blog is terribly boring nowadays, thought I told you I would be better. I’m not.. really much better at all ^_^ That poll I did, the most voted thing was “pictures of me”.. hahaha you pervs. But I guess I’ll try to post more, than I already do.
Allkpop just wrote “Tae-yang reveals baby photo!”. Wth. Why would Bae do that now? LIKE, LOOOOOL hahahahahahah I’m laughinnnnnggggg!!!
Here I am. earlier today. ↓

and here’s a song I love.

gotta love old snoop.

PLEASE for gods sake follow me or tumblr or some shit. I’m ALOT more updated there, I update everyday.. every hour…. you get it. Cuz I love tumblr. Yeah. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER (u mad bieber?) GONNA LEAVE TUMBLR. MY HUBBY<3!
okay. going crazy here, bye♥


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