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1 Jan


First day of ¬†2012 today, haha if you didn’t know! I’m happy, a new year a new start right. Did everyone have a good new years eve yesterdaaay? Hope so ^^ At the moment I’m in my new “mjukisdress”, wth is the english word for that LOL.. I got it from my aunt on my birthday. Black and cosy, I can show it later ^__^ If you guys want I can take photos of the things I got on my birthday, and maybe xmas.. that would be fun right haha ūüėÄ Anyways in my “mjukisdress” on my bed and listening to bummie. I loved his new song “Star”, but listening to “Girlfriend” atm.. be my girlfriend, my girlfriend, my girlfriend my guuuurl..
The Jay songs I listen to the most right now,

he starts his performance around 4:00. ¬†This was from IS2 and he preformed a remix of some song (don’t even know LOL), but I really love it! Listen to this everyday haha.

Star, ofc. The MV is amazing, song is wonderful and Jay is just… awwiieiei my little bummie‚ô•

Tomorrow I’m gonna meet up with my babe, we need our girl-talk you see haha! And on tuesday I’m gonna have a coffee with Cornelia sweetie, and this wednesday it’s sleep-over tiiime with r√•ttorna :DD I don’t know why I told everyone that…. Like you care, right hahah! OKAY WHATEVER. It’s nice to see all my buddies, now when I’m on break ^^ But it’s like only a week left on le xmas-break buhuhuh **cries a river*.. ;(((.. I want looonger breaks. This xmas-break was like the shortest one I ever had, seriously. Tshhh.. school is mean. But it’s not too bad, cuz I’m just gonna be in school some weeks until I have my PWE at my mom’s saloon. Gonna be so much fun ūüėÄ I get to work in the real life with real people and ohhh, haha just kidding ^_^

fireworks@tumblr, me yesterday, yang-leader being cool, star shit@tumblr, baby. 

I realized Hoya is really really like really awesome and cute and HAWT and all that.. (it’s now official hihi).
Meet my.. uhm.. third husband?
And with that, I’m off. Gonna make some tea and watch infinite sesame playaaaa!
P√∂ss och kram<3 too bad if you’re not swedish.

If you’re bored.. check out my new tumblr layout ^_^ HERE.


The Mona Lisa is back

11 Jul

Hi world. I’m h-o-m-e.

I know you missed me so DON’T YOU DARE SAY ANYTHING ELSE. Haha it’s a joke guys, ha-ha. I’M TIRED OKAY.

New start.

I MISSED YOU GUUUUUUUUYS.. I did¬†actually. why did I spell actually wrong 3 times…. Ahh.. And I missed my boys a lot.

I had a great great time in Greece. Had a¬†little time in front of a strange hotel computer, and all I did was Facebook:ing. The nerd I will never be, haha you thought I would say I AM didn’t you??? BUT NO. I’m not a Facebook nerd. Really.

Here is a few pictures from my trip,

I’m going to talk about it more later and show more pictures so don’t worry ^_^.. I think I took about 550 pictures on this trip. Too much maybe..haha xD

Crazy fangirl is coming up.¬†‚Üď

ANYWAYSSSS I was so happy now when I got home and I saw that my boys had released their new MV. THE DAY WHEN I CAME HOME! I’m a lucky bastard‚ô• I could totally have missed the whole comeback thing, but oh noooo.. I’m a ninja. I love that my tumblr is spamming me with gifs from the MV and everything. The suepr jeophijmawk,gypk,p√∂wwpwl√∂sd touching everywhere — well only on that specific place gifs. I LOVE.

I have to post the MV right. Here.


MONA LISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. that’s amazing. All by itself. I love love love the new concept. The fans out there, no not “fans” — bitches– .. okay I’m a nice person, — confused people. (!) The confused people out there who is hating on the new concept and saying that they’re ugly, and the new hair styles are fugly and all that. SCREW YOU! You don’t go and hate on their stylists like that, phwwwwwsss that so low. Just like Joon said on his Cyworld, they’re just doing their job. And I don’t even get why these confused people are hating on this so much. MBLAQ ARE A-MAZING. I haven’t been this stunned about a video in a very long time. Even BIGBANG’s Tonight, I was super impressed and all (and I loved it) but this.. THIS.. Mona Lisa, is the shit. MBLAQ is bringing back some of their old sounds from Oh yeah, like the spanish kinda feeling .. you know what I mean! Okay maybe spanish people don’t play.. what’s the name.. accordions. But it sounds a bit spanish to me in the beginning haha ok ok! Then Thunder comes in, oh my Cheong-dong. I am so freaking glad that they gave him more lines, and attention! HE FITS THERE IN THE MIDDLE SO SO WELL! Stay there Thunder, stay! (in my heart). Ehhhh… So fans got angry because they cut Joon’s lines and gave it to Thunder. And then you would think, me.. as a super enormous Joon fan.. angry? No! Of course not. Cheong-dong deserves this more than anyone. AND I LOVE THAT TOO. ¬†I like that they don’t are all cheeky with that girl who’s in the music video. G.O is like playing super depressed on a dining table, with her sitting beside.. but it’s okay! That’s all melting in you see. Haha.. I’m getting crazy. The dancing is also super!!! Especially the special parts. crotch grabs. Yeah. I know you like it too..!!!

creds tumblr.

I’m not gonna talk a lot about Joon now because all I say is love. I love his new hair style, and I’m not mad that he doesn’t sing much. I think the dancing position is great for him. But I did love that “saranghae, saranghae…” part when he sang it. Straight through my heart. Repeated it like 10000 times. HEHE.

Ending this resume with THANK YOU RAIN. Thank you!

If you wanna see all the nice gifs go to my tumblr. Follow me, thank you.


17 Jun

Good evening ~

Today f(x) released Hot summer, which made me really happy. The whole song is just happiness, love it! ūüôā

Just got home, I’ve been to Sickla with my family. We watched Kung Fu panda 2 with my little brother haha.

It was funny..I really like Poh~! ^___^ Today I didn’t do much execpt that and I cleaned my whole room but yeah..

Hope you had a good day!


me eating my rose

Rum bum bum bum, bum bum bum

6 Jun

Sitting on my bed in my new sweatpants from Cubus. They’re lovely‚ô•.¬†I’m gonna show them later. Went to Forum today with my mom and sister. Bought some clothes, and a lot of¬†jewelry¬†(haha my life) but no shoes to prom that I should have done! Ahh couldn’t find any good ones, like wth T___T.. Carro we have to go and search for shoooes!

Now when everyone is home from UppCon.., it’s so fun to hear all the stories. I never went to UppCon, hmm.. I don’t think it’s my thing really. Haha lol. Anyways my friend Haley had her dance group there, preforming and I had friends going this year again. I think I’ll be forever alone here in Stockholm, haha. No but I had fun in J√§rvs√∂, my gran’s¬†place. It’s really nice up there, always gets so relaxed and you know.. love it there‚ô•!

Omo today when I walked in a car-garage, when we finished shopping, I walked over something, like a well and it blew air right up on me and hahaha my dress flew in all different ways! Oh my, it was so embarrassing.. and I was like trying to grab it (it was a maxi dress) but it didn’t work that well T____T I hope all you perverts out there enjoyed seeing my ass. Mhm. Also spilled my ice-chai all over the dress later in the car. Damn dress!

Picture I took today. Pretty good for my crappy old phone. I think I named it Yama-chan, is that right.. haha don’t remember!

Bye people‚ô•

I can’t live without you

12 May

Hello readers..

How was your day?

Myself I woke up one hour too late and then came late to school (only like 5 minutes but yeah). My english teacher gave me a good final verdict.. ah that made me happy‚ô•. Had a test in home economics, it went well, and then baked some chocolate chip cookies. Yum! After that I skipped about two lessons because I had to visit my dear dentist once again, for a check-up. Everything was good and my teeth seems to be were they should be. lol. When I came home I watched one episode on “Personal Taste”, cute drama, and then I baked those cookies again for my little hungry brother. Haha, I know.. Soon me, mum and my sister are going to watch ESC (GO ERIC!) and eat the rest of the cookies‚ô•! My dad is in Gothenburg for a¬†business¬†trip so he can’t watch it with us.., hope you have a good time there daddy~

A picture of Joon that I loved. To Sandra lol.

look at hiiiiim. did I tell you guys that I love him? yes? oh okay..!


Haul + MBLAQ

6 May

Made a little haul video again yesterday. The sound is pretty crappy.. sorry about that yo.

Things I got last monday, and today.. ho-ho~

Today I’ve been working at my mom’s work.. she owns a beauty salon! I did some cleaning, and sold some products but also did Geleration on two¬†customers¬†any my mom! Ahh~ it was so much fun.. So if my friends are reading this right now.. I’ll give you sale on Geleration made my me! lol. And oh oh, Haley (!) I took home some products to you too :D. Annica also did Geleration on me, so now I have screamy pink, though super pretty nails. Love love love iiit! Can show them later..

Before I go to make some dinner I wanted to post this clip on my favorite boys..


Wah~ Here they battled against Park Jung Min from SS501 (yeah whatever).. but they really owned him, big time! Haha you can really see on G.O that he loves Michael Jackson lol. His like giving it his all! And after Smooth Criminal they danced the hip song dance by Rain (LEADAAAAA!), their producer. Loved that one.. Joon looked so cute T___________T

And here is another MJ dance when they danced with Beast.

Joon in the middle! So good my boy ;;‚ô•


If you didn’t know..

4 May

that’s my boy. joonie‚ô• if you didn’t know!

can’t. get. over. you.¬†

It’s my lil bro’s b-day today. His five now, so old and so big T_____T¬†I have been surrounded by hundreds of kids and family (that I don’t even know). Hm, it’s was fun though. I like meeting people.. I ate a lot of cake and drank a lot of wild strawberry soda (YUMMY IN MA TUMMY)..! Also laughed a bunch with (or at) my lovely little cousin, Henrik. His only 7 months and so so cute. Love that boy! Also entered some time to study my math today. Because my test is tomorrow, omg. This is the last national test, if you don’t count spanish.. FML. But my spanish teacher said it wasn’t like a real national test, so I guess it’s ok-ok! I’ll do my best anyways. Fighting!¬†

Now it’s time for me to wind down a little, gonna write on a fic and watch some MBLAQ.

Have a good night everyone‚ô•